“What a great team you guys are; you are doing an amazing job and are truly making a difference in our kids’ lives. Thank you.”



“…Our appreciation for your dedication, hard work and efforts in helping us raise a happy, respectable and confident little boy.”



 “FPS was everything that we could’ve hoped for in a private school.  Thank you for an amazing year.”           



“Thank you so much for the wonderful school experience you have given [us].  Foundations has been an excellent, fulfilling experience…with great teachers and a very nurturing environment.”                                                                                         



“What an incredibly special place…Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful staff team you have provided.”

J. & D.B.


“Our son wakes up with a smile on his face and goes to bed with a smile.  [FPS] has completely changed the family dynamic now that he is so happy.”



“This is simply to express our heartfelt gratitude for your guidance, mentorship and kind regard for our daughter.  There is no doubt that [she] will always cherish the memories of her years at FPS and appreciate the solid footing she received from you…”

S. & T.S.


“We are so impressed by all that you do!”                                  



“The teachers’ encouraging educational approach and techniques have a huge impact on the climate and culture of the school. Students develop trust, self-confidence, independence and responsibility, both personally and socially.”



“Thank you for your encouragement and guidance.”



 “As well as helping them build their athletic skills, you have been building into them a sense of confidence and a stronger sense of who they are and who they can aspire to be.”



“I could write forever on how thankful I am for what you have done for me!  I appreciate all of the experiences that the teachers have offered me over the years.”



 “Thank you so much!  I am so thrilled.  I just can’t believe the progress [my daughter] has made this year!”                       



 “I wanted to say how pleased I am to see how well [our son] is doing in school.  He seems so happy…It is great to hear him talk about how amazing his teacher is.  I just wanted to say thanks!”                                                                                                       



“[Our son] really has the skills to ensure that he will be successful.  Thank you for all of the opportunities that you have provided.”                                                                                            



 “Thanks to all of you for making our son such a happy child.  He speaks highly about each and every one of you.  FPS is all he talks about and was not happy with the school year ending.”



 “I feel very prepared for high school because of all your help.  Merci beaucoup!”



 “Foundations has been a wonderful school and a wonderful experience for our family.”                                                  

B. & J.H.


 “FPS laid a wonderful academic foundation and fully prepared [my son] for high school.  [It] offers an excellent balance of academics, sports, music, theatre and art. Class sizes are small and students are given individual attention.  [They] went above and beyond the Ministry curriculum.  FPS teachers treat their students with respect and encourage them to reach their fullest potential.”                                                                                  



 “[We are] appreciative and grateful…for the values you have instilled in our kids over the years.”                                    



 “[Our son] is more confident…with the urge to learn more.  [He gained] a tremendous amount of confidence to know he can do something, which he thought, he could never do.”     



 “I am a great believer in Foundations way [of] dealing with children…it really comes down to being in a situation that will allow them to thrive.”                                                             



 “As a parent, it makes me feel I have made the absolute best choice as to where to put him in school and it makes me feel very optimistic about the future for him.”                                   



“We’re preparing the students for success academically – but also success in life.”                                                                                 



“Thank you so much for this year!  I have honestly learned so much and feel more prepared for high school and it is all thanks to you!” 



“The dedication of the staff here is amazing; they’re continuously training themselves – not just about academics, but about how to encourage your child.”                           



“Thirty years of experience has provided Foundations Private School with the knowledge and expertise to develop and sustain an educational and character-building platform from which to grow and build a positive teaching and learning environment.”



“Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”  



“[She] is off to Queen’s…that good foundation at your school has paid off!”                                                                                          


“What a great school!  [My son] really loves it here…whatever you’re doing, keep it up.  We are really happy!”                  



“I would like to say how extremely pleased [we] are with the kids’ education at Foundations!  I recommended the school…and [they] are as thrilled as we are.”             



“[He] has a positive attitude about school work, homework and project work.  Our extended family has also commented positively on [his] new and significantly improved outlook, willingness to share what he has been learning and overall well being.  [We] cannot thank you enough for this.”             



“I am really lucky to be coming to such an amazing school.”



“…This is where they have excelled and have become the people they are today.  I believe in everything your experience stands for and I have nothing but positive and great things to say about our experience and time spent there.”