Foundations Private School is proud of its tradition of academic success.  Fewer students in each classroom enable us to develop an excellent rapport with every child. We encourage personal responsibility, diligence and goal setting.  Our programs not only meet but often surpass the Ontario Curriculum Guidelines.

 Students gain the necessary skills in Character Development, Language Arts and Mathematics that will prepare them for the future, while Science and Social Studies come alive through hands-on experiments and field trips. Additionally, academics are enriched through Physical Education, Technology, French, Music, Fine Arts and a comprehensive Extra Curricular program.  

Character Development:

Optimum learning requires social cooperation.  Through positive discipline techniques, students learn strategies that enable them to be collaborative, self-reliant and resilient members of their school community. Classroom Meetings, Student in Focus Assemblies, Classroom Connections and the House System are all integral components of our character education.


Language Arts:

We believe that the ability to read and write effectively is the most important tool students acquire during their formative years.  These skills form the building blocks for future academic success.  Our program begins with phonetic-based reading instruction and formal spelling lessons.  Novel study and reading comprehension assignments are introduced to further develop reading proficiency. As children advance through the grades, increased importance is placed on formal note taking, debating and public speaking.



Assignments are marked and then corrected to ensure students receive the continuous direction they require. Emphasis is placed on teaching problem solving strategies and concept mastery, as measured by daily work and regular testing.


Science and Social Studies:

Students’ interests are stimulated by exciting Science and Social Studies themes. Topics create a forum for group discussion and motivation for writing, note keeping and projects. Emphasizing the “how to”, students’ hands-on learning is complemented with research, questioning and experimentation.


Physical Education:

Growing children need to be active.  Physical Education stimulates coordination and confidence, in addition to increasing memory and concentration. Students are given the opportunity to participate in a dynamic program typically including: intramurals, team sports, swimming and skating.  These activities foster cooperation, good sportsmanship, and skill development.



Regular access to a fully equipped lab and individual classroom computers allows students to develop the required skills for today’s high-tech world. Highlights of the program include: keyboarding, programming, desktop publishing, animation, word processing and robotics.  Our curriculum takes a child’s natural interest in technology and encourages confidence when using a wide variety of computer applications.



Beginning at the Junior Kindergarten level, our program provides opportunities for students to develop basic communication skills and an enthusiasm for learning new languages.  Listening and speaking are emphasized in the primary grades, while reading and writing skills are introduced at the junior level. 


Music and Fine Arts:

Our students’ creative abilities are stimulated by a range of Fine Arts activities. Music study consists of age-appropriate vocal and instrumental instruction.  There is an opportunity for all students to participate in annual theatrical productions, complete with music, lights, scenery and costumes.  The Visual Arts program allows children to use their imagination and discover their originality.  The walls of our school are adorned with a myriad of student masterpieces.


Extra Curricular:

Learning does not only occur in the classroom.  Our curriculum is augmented by an endless variety of after-school clubs.  Activities often include: chess, soccer, art, science, computer programming and cross- country running.  Students are encouraged to participate, learn and, most of all, have fun.  Our year is also accented with special activities such as our annual ski trip, Winter Carnival and Field Day.